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Do I need a ticket?

No tickets are required!

Does the HPHT cost money?

The High Performance Home Tour is FREE!

How many homes can I see in a day?

This depends on which homes you choose to see and their geographical location. Typically, you will spend 15-30 minutes in each home.

Will there be someone there to ask questions?

Yes, a knowledgeable sales team member will be in each home and ready to answer any and all of your questions.

What certification programs are included in the tour?

Multiple certification programs are eligible for this tour. You can learn more about the certification programs on the Certifications Program tab on this website. Each home lists the certification program being used on their respective pages.

An address of a Parade entry is not showing up in my GPS. What do I do?

Many of these communities are new and may not work with GPS systems. Each entry includes written directions to the home which can be found on the website, mobile app and digital magazine. Also look for the High Performance Home Tour directional signs!

Is there a print magazine?

No, we no longer do a printed magazine. But we will have a digital magazine available on this website the first week of April!

What are some tips to make my experience as pleasurable as possible?

Wear comfortable shoes that slip on and off easily as many homes request you remove shoes before entering. Some homes may provide complimentary refreshments, but pack snacks and water in case you need.